Experience our own world, a world where the stress of everyday life melts away to leave you enraptured in the moment, in ecstasy.  You can rely on me to understand and sincerely care about your well-being. Ours are the most satisfying encounters, leaving you breathless and enchanted. Whether a brief casual encounter or a formal night out, these moments are special and beautiful.  

Because I take excellent care of my body and mind, I arrive eager to focus my full attention on you. I notice and appreciate the care you take to prepare our date. The moment you greet me, you will be pleasantly surprised by my smiling, gorgeous face. My Bette Davis eyes are shielded by long, real, yet doll-like lashes. During these first exciting moments, I will work my magic touch to make you feel completely at ease.

My services are offered to a select, discreet few. I offer to provide a sophisticated companionship and join you for fun and leisure. I am a youthful, yet mature woman, and a humble intellectual whilst joining you at a gala. Privately, as the sunshine streaks through the haze of your curtains to caress my bare skin, I will fetch strawberries to feed each other. My intelligence, sexiness, and love of travel create boundless possibilities.

Because I am selective, I can give you the attention you demand. I like someone with a lighthearted sense of humor, one who understands how not to take life too seriously and balance responsibility. I enjoy learning from those with more life experience than my own. The intention is never to break your heart but engage in sweet romance.  My ideal is to build a lasting, yet open relationship.

Already, I hope you feel inspired to meet. You will see just how easy it is to fulfill your warmest desires without limitations. Now, please proceed to contact me.

I am here to help you let go, be yourself, and get a little closer to heaven. To your dreams, I send an Eskimo kiss and all the warm gazes time could offer if it stopped. Let's make all of your wet dreams come true ;)

Love Stevie