About Me

People tell me that I look stunning yet wholesome. I am a petite woman, standing only five feet one inch on itty bitty size five feet. I usually wear stilettos, because I enjoy the way my hips wiggle with each step. My favorites are by Prada. I'm in my thirties, although I often joke I am forever twenty-five.  I am about one hundred four pounds dripping wet.  My skin is tight, smooth, and incredibly soft. I maintain a particularly healthy diet. I usually wear little makeup. When the occasion calls, I can also glam it up to magazine worthy. A reflection of kink, I have small body piercings, kept classy and pretty, including my nipples, navel, and tongue. If you request, I can remove any piercings before our meetings. I have no tattoos.

I am often told the sexiest thing about me is my mind. I relate to the world dualistically, with balance. I was raised in the Midwest and educated at a prestigious East Coast university. After moving to California, I spent a few years entertaining at upscale clubs as a dancer. Thus, I can relate to your deeper thoughts on life while putting on lingerie and seductive costumes just for you.

I am most interested in anything that will make me laugh, have fun, or travel.  I love to explore new places.  My gratitude for life is contagious.  

It is fun to accompany champagne with strawberries and whipped cream. I am fond of fine wine. I am most familiar with California wines and favor rich, buttery chardonnays. A glass of port or vin santo with a tiramisu or biscotti is my idea of a heavenly treat.  However, I welcome enjoying and learning about your favorites, as well. It is noteworthy that I do not drink excessively or daily. I prefer drink be reserved for special occasions.  Alternately, I like to curl up in a loveseat with you over a cup of kava tea.  

I have a big heart. My favorite hobby is sharing yours. There is a lot the world has yet to offer me - I look forward to your perspective.